Seamless, private social delivery everywhere
Slide into the future of sending and receiving packages without sharing your address.
Whether you're moving cities, traveling, or prefer keeping your address low-key, we've got you. Stay connected, no matter where you are.
Wave Goodbye to Sharing Your Address
@sendit profile
Score a @sendit handle and let your packages find you effortlessly.
From surprise gifts from your squad to PR packages, everything lands in your hands with just your @sendit profile.
Forget address hassles and enjoy privacy and flexibility.
Change your location as frequently as your heart desires
Digital nomad using Sendit
Swap your mailbox location as much as your playlist, and never miss a beat.
Your packages will follow - whether you're jet-setting, city-hopping, or just switching up your scene, Sendit delivers directly to You.
Elevate Your Community Engagement
Elevate Your Community Engagement
Level up your game as a content creator or public figure by enhancing how you connect with your audience.
Move beyond your P.O. box and gain valuable insights with our analytics — understand what resonates with your audience and forge stronger ties with your community.
Dive in to learn more.
How it Works
Get Your Packages with Ease
Sendit signup
1. Sign Up
Join with a quick sign-up and grab your unique @sendit handle.
2. Save Your Address
Heading somewhere new? Update your mailbox location on the go to keep your deliveries coming, no matter your pin on the map.
3. Share and Receive
Spread your @sendit profile to your crew and get ready to catch those packages. We'll hit you up when they land.
How it Works
Send Like a
Send a package
1. Find Your Friends
Join with a quick sign-up and grab your unique @sendit handle.
2. Send with Style
Pick a pal, hit send, and choose your package vibes.
3. Drop and Go
You’ll get a slick QR code for drop-off, and we've got it from there.
Slide Into the Future With Us
Sendit's community
Ready to change how you send and receive?
Step into Sendit’s circle and join the crew shaking up the delivery world.
Be at the forefront with us, reimagining how packages find their way.
Join our community eager to dance to a new delivery beat.

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